Alex Martin

Alex Martin is a point of reference in the Spanish electronic music scene: As a producer, during the last 20 years, his music is been released under numerous aliases in international labels such as F-Communications, Pagoda, Klang, Hypnotism, Playhouse, Geometrik, Pod Communication or Planet Rhythm.

Born in Barcelona in 1972, his passion for music and electronics brought him to be a pioneer in his country when he played live at the first SONAR festival, the year was 1994.

He was proposed and signed for F Communication by Laurent Garnier himself after seeing Alex’s performance that night.
Alex shows that love for music has no limits, so in his discography the listener can find jazz, techno, electronic music, breaks, hip hop, classic music… His electro/jazz project Alex Martin Ensemble reached really good critics from the media and some of those tracks on the ensemble pack where licensed by several labels in Europe and reached compilations, sharing tracklists with legends like Juan Atkins, Kirk Degeorgio or Ian O’Brien (Elements Of Jazz Vol.II).

In Spain he released on several labels like Boozo / Madrid (several EPs), Minifunk / Barcelona (Some 12 inches and a double album) and Cosmos / Barcelona (3 albums as Alex Martin Ensemble) to name a few. He contributed to give shape to the Spanish electronic music of the 21th century without a doubt with more than 70 releases on different formats.


My Reloop stuff is so good. I really wanted to have a pair of turntables after some years of “vinyl disconnection” and I was lucky enough to have my friend Roque Molina from ADAGIO Spain working as a product manager for this excellent brand.
I was curious about how the starting price turntables will work for me after having experience with the classic DJ turntable who everybody knows, and I had a really positive surprise when I had my pair of RP4000M at home. In this price range, I cannot find another turntable that performs like them, and that comes with an Ortofon cartridge and needle included. I have done lots of sets with those wheels, with real vinyl and using Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro with “sync” vinyl.
You can check out some of at:
I would like to send special thanks to Roque Molina, Jorge Pérez and all the good friends working at Adagio Spain.

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