Wave 8

  • 360°

fitting furniture:

Technical Data

  • Output capacity: RMS 70 W, max. 140 W
  • Input sensitivity/impedance: +0.5dBu/20kohm (XLR & 6.3mm jack), -5.5dBu/20kohm (RCA)
  • Tweeter: 2.5cm (1'') dome tweeter
  • Woofer: 20cm (8'') paper cone woofer
  • Maximum acoustic pressure: 105dB rated, 90dB RMS
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Inputs: 1x XLR (symmetrical), 1x 6.3mm jack (symmetrical), 1x RCA (asymmetrical), 1x mini-DIN (controller)
  • Dimensions: (w)250 x (h)388 x (d)310 mm (incl. cooling fin)
  • Weight: 9.5 kg (per speaker)
  • Incl. controller, link cable, mains cable, rubber feet


  • Active DJ & Producer Reference Monitoring Station
  • Professional 2-way active DJ & producer reference monitor speakers
  • Sturdy speaker finish in matte black
  • Large bass reflex port, optimized for deep, precise bass sound
  • 3 switchable inputs: symmetrical XLR, symmetrical 6.3mm jack, asymmetrical RCA
  • Input select status LEDs on front side (XLR, 6.3mm jack, RCA)
  • DIN connection for External Wave Control
  • Link cable connection for routing of External Wave Control
  • Freely selectable EQ settings: HF trim (+2dB/0dB/-2dB), acoustic space (0dB/-2dB/-4dB), LF cutoff (flat, 80 Hz, 100 Hz)
  • Input select button
  • Volume dial
  • Illuminated Reloop sign for status display
  • Final amp module with cooling fins
  • Voltage selector switch with screwed cover
  • Low heat device socket with protection
  • External Wave Control:
  • External monitor controller for input and volume adjustment
  • Solid, extra heavy housing design
  • Large volume dial made of aluminium
  • Standby button with mute mode
  • Input select switch
  • Status feedback LED
  • Extra long cable (3.5mm) with mini-DIN plug
Quality: Excellent. Built to last, which if you plan to play out with them at all is a plus. Features: Hard to beat. The tweakability of the sound is excellent, but the real draw is the remote Value: High. The build is top-notch, the feature set high and priced very favourably in the market.


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