• Advanced Hybrid-Torque Turntable

  • Quartz Driven DJ Turntable with Upper-Torque Direct Drive

  • Plug'n'Play for Serato DJ

  • 360°
  • Built for Serato
  • 4 Deck Control
  • Hi-Speed
  • Software Control
  • Solid Built
  • Backlit Drumpads
  • Digital
  • USB Link
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
Serato Official Accessory


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Technical Data

  • Type: manual quartz direct drive turntable with MIDI control
  • Drive: quartz driven upper-torque direct drive
  • Motor: brushless DC motor
  • 3 speeds, fully manual
  • Turntable RPM: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM
  • Turntable: aluminum die casting
  • Pitch: variably adjustable +/-8%, +/-16%, +/-50%
  • Torque: adjustable from min. 1600 - 4500 g/cm
  • Start-up time/tempo change: less than 0.2 sec.
  • Brake system: electronic brake
  • Wow and flutter: 0.01% WRMS*
  • S/N ratio: more than -55 dB (1 kHz, 4mV input)
  • Admissible cartridge weight range: 3.5 - 8.5 g (incl. headshell 13 - 18 g)
  • Anti-skating range: 0 - 3 g
  • 2x start/stopp buttons
  • Adjustable start/stop time (0.2 - 6 sec.)
  • Power input: 14 W
  • Power supply: AC 115/230 V, 60/50 Hz (EU/US), AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz (JP)
  • Dimensions: 458 x 144.6 x 354 mm
  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • Incl. USB cable, slipmat, tone arm illumination, but without stylus and headshell
  • Impact of stylus, record and tone arm remain not taken into account.
    Subject to alterations.
    Specified data of approximate value.


    • Advanced Hybrid Torque Turntable
    • Digital DJ turntable with upper-torque direct drive
    • MIDI compatible control section consisting of Trax encoder, 8 backlit drum pads and 4 combinable performance modes (cue, loop, sample and slicer)
    • Large Trax encoder
    • Auto deck-assign feature
    • Turntable link USB port
    • Digital LC-Display for pitch display, BPM value, deck assignment and firmware settings
    • New features with firmware update 0.13 and Serato DJ 1.7
    • BPM can be shown on the pitch display
    • Adjustable global sampler volume
    • Looped slicer mode
    • Loop shift
    • Adjustable start/brake (0.2 - 6 seconds) & torque (1600 - 4500 g/cm)
    • Metal top panel with metallic finish
    • Phono and line output (no grounding necessary)
    • Direct connection of turntable and motor for best possible stability
    • Especially heavy finish
    • High end tonearm
    • Pitch range +/-8%, +/-16%, +/-50%
    • High resolution pitch fader (0,02% Resolution)
    • LCD pitch display
    • Easy to exchange, freely revolvable needle illumination with super bright LED
    • Quartz lock
    • Safety power switch
    • Reverse switch
    • 2 start/stop buttons for vertical positioning
    • Smart USB link for up to 4 turntables
    • Rubber inlay for reduction of vibrations and ambient noise
    • Removable mains and RCA cables
    • Sunk-in connection cavity for easy case installation
    • Shock proof feet
    • Vibration-resistant base
    • Serato Scratch Live mappings available
    • Native Instruments Traktor mappings available
    • Plug'n Play with Serato DJ (min 1.6.2)
    Mit diesem Gerät bekommt jeder Vinyl-DJ ein Top-Gerät ins Haus (Frank Sonic)
    Alle verbauten Materialien inklusive Tonarm, Buttons und Reglern fühlen sich wirklich hochwertig und robust an.
    These are best-looking turntables in the market right now. The MIDI control is a great design adition to current turntables [...] the Reloop RP-8000 turntable is a great improvement and will surely carve its own place among the dopest turntables.
    "The RP-8000 is the post-controller revolution deck that people have been waiting for. [...] the Reloop RP-8000 is currently the most interesting and capable turntable on the market."
    "[...] the new Reloop RP-8000 may turn out to be what many DVS users have been waiting for [...] this Midi/analogue hybrid unit looks faithful enough to the classic Technics design to instantly feel “right”[...]"
    REVIEW: Solid, reliable turntable at its core, with the unique addition of well thought-out MIDI controls on the deck. If you want a reliable turntable for advanced DVS use, the RP-8000 is a great buy.
    PREVIEW: This release is one of the bolder advances in turntable tech we’ve seen in a number of years.
    "Reloop has just announced two brand new turntables[...] that is sure to get vinyl and DVS users very excited."
    Alles in Allem ein gelungener Plattenspieler, an dem Mix- und Scratch-DJs gleichermaßen Spaß haben werden.
    Mit dem RP8000 läuft bei Reloop alles rund: sei es die Verarbeitung, der Klang oder die Ausstattung.
    Overall, they're built well, and we are confident they are the best built turntable currently on the market.
    Reloop’s RP-8000 is probably the most powerful turntable currently on the market. After playing with it for a few hours, we fell in love with the streamlined design and ease of use when triggering cues, loops, and samples.
    This is the turntable I would purchase in a second.
    Can't get excited for Technics turntables anymore after owning the Reloop RP-8000's. The motor is so much stronger that it makes me not like using 1200s at all anymore. Plus the +/-50 digital pitch read out is a necessity for me now. All you guys getting hyped up about outdated technology when you could be headed into the future.

    Mapping Files

    Firmware Updates

    • Firmware v0.13 (141.75 KB)
      (Windows & OS X) only for Reloop RP-8000 (S-Tonearm version) compatible



    Product FAQ

    • Is the RP-8000 compatible with Virtual DJ?

      Yes, it works with Virtual DJ 8 - be sure to update to the newest version for full support.

    • Is the RP-8000 compatible with TRAKTOR?

      Yes, there are TRAKTOR PRO Mappings available in the download tab - be sure to update to the newest version for full support.


    Reloop Support Forum

    Reloop RP-8000

    Hardware Explorer

    Move your mouse over the buttons to see their function!
    <h1>Anti-skating wheel</h1> <h1>Slicer (User Mode)</h1><ul><li>Press once for Continuous Slicer mode</li><li>Press twice for Looped Slicer mode</li><li>Hold SLICE and press drum pads 1 & 2 or 7 & 8 to adjust the domain or quantize parameters</li></ul> <h1>Sample Mode</h1><ul><li>To load a sample from your track list, press an unlit drum pad</li><li>Press a drum pad to play a sample (pad lit)</li><li>Hold SAMPLE and push a drum pad to stop playback (pad blinking)</li><li>Pressing SAMPLE + drum pads 7 & 8 will scroll <h1>Loop Mode</h1><ul><li>Push a pad to set an auto loop from 1/32 to 32 (active range in Serato DJ)</li><li>Hold LOOP and press the drum pads to activate LOOP ROLL</li><li>Hold LOOP and turn the Trax / Nav Encoder for LOOP SHIFT</li></ul><h1>Dual Mode</h1><p>Dual mode enables you to activate two modes simultaneously in the below combos<br><b>Cue + Loop</b><br><b>Loop + Sampler</b></p> <h1>Cue Mode</h1><ul><li>If a pad is not lit, push to set a cue point</li><li>Trigger a lit pad to launch a cue point</li><li>Hold CUE and push a pad to delete</li></ul><h1>Dual Mode</h1><p>Dual mode enables you to activate two modes simultaneously in the below combos<br><b>Cue  + Loop</b><br><b>Cue  + Sampler</b></p> <h1>Trigger Drum Pads Section</h1><p> As the 8 drum pads are also multi-functional, loops can also be set and triggered. Even access to sample decks is very easy with the RP-8000.</p> <h1>Dial for start/stop speed</h1> <h1>Dial for Torque</h1> <h1>Pitch Range Select Switch</h1> <h1>Pitch LCD</h1> <h1>33/45/78 Switch</h1> <h1>Reverse Switch</h1> <h1>ON/OFF Button</h1>on Turntable Illumination <h1>TRAX Push Encoder</h1> <h1>Pitch fader</h1> <h1>Start/Stop Button</h1> <h1>Start/Stop Button</h1> <h1>Turntable</h1> <h1>Mains Cable Connection</h1> <h1>Voltage Selector Switch</h1><p>(EU/US models only)</p> <h1>TT-Link Port</h1> <h1>USB Port</h1> <h1>Phono/Line Switch</h1> <h1>Audio Output (RCA)</h1> <h1>Turntable Cover Mount</h1> <h1>Turntable Cover Mount</h1>