• Hybrid Media Player: Play Audio from MP3/CDs & USB-Drives and Control Software via MIDI

  • Four performance Modes with 8 Trigger Pads: Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll, Sampler

  • Smart Link Connection: Connect two RMP-4 players to share one USB source, control software and beat sync

  • CD MP3
  • HD Flash Control
  • Hi-Speed
  • Software Control
  • 100 mm Pitchfader
  • USB Link
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX


fitting furniture:

Technical Data

  • Supported formats: MP3, WAVE, AAC, AIFF
  • Output level: 2 V
  • -Signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB
    • Frequency range: 17 - 20 kHz
    • Distortion: 0.006% - 0.007%
    • Anti-shock: 19 seconds
    • Outputs: RCA (analogue)
    • USB: 1 USB port A, 1 USB port B
    • USB format: FAT 12/16/32
    • Power consumption: 18 W
    • Power source: AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Pitch accuracy: 0.015%
    • Dimensions: 320 x 340.5 x 112.6 mm
    • Weight: 3.91 kg
    • Incl. RCA cable, AC power cord, auto-start cable, USB cable, instruction manual


  • Hybrid Media Player: Play Audio from CDs, USB Drives and Control Software via MIDI
  • All new performance layout supports intuitive work flow
  • Sturdy tabletop design
  • Quick Source Select: CD, USB or MIDI Mode
  • USB 2.0 port for the connection of hard disks, USB sticks, flash drives etc.
  • Four performance modes with 8 Trigger Pads: Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll, Sampler
  • Hot Cue Mode: Set, save and delete 8x Hot Cues
  • Hot Loop Mode: Set, save and delete 8x Hot Loops
  • Loop Roll Mode: Trigger 8x Loop Rolls on the fly from 1/32 to 4/1 beats
  • Sampler Mode: Fire off pre-loaded Samples or save new ones into 8 slots (one-shot or loop mode)
  • Sync function for auto beat matching two connected RMP-4 with analysed tracks (USB Master/Slave)
  • High-Resolution Keylock (Master Tempo) for precise key modulation
  • Quantize for setting CUE's & Loops in grid
  • SLIP Mode
  • 7x Auto Beat Loop buttons (1/8 - 8/1 beats)
  • Automatic loading of meta data as CUE Points, Hot Loops etc.
  • Large DotMatrix VFD display for all important functions & navigation
  • Smart-Link Connection: Connect two RMP-4 players to share one USB source, control software and beat sync
  • Large Jog Wheel with two-part Touch-Sensitive Control
  • Utility Menu for advanced & customized settings
  • Navigation Encoder with Push function
  • Large, high-resolution 100 mm pitch fader
  • Micro Pitch adjustment (+/- 0,01%)
  • Database Manager Software for Mac & PC software for analysing your music library for fast access
  • High-Volume Club Quality-Sound output
  • MIDI Mappings available for popular DJ software
  • SHIFT-Layer for secondary control
  • Vinyl Brake effect
  • Pitch Range select from 4-100%
  • Info Button / ID3 Tag Toggle
  • Vinyl / CDJ Mode for Jog Wheel
  • Manual Loop In/Out/Exit/Reloop
  • Auto BPM counter / Manual TAP mode / Manual BPM Adjust
  • Fast Skip via Jog Wheel
  • Fast Search potentiometer
  • Reverse feature
  • Time Remain / Elapsed Mode
  • Auto Cue Mode
  • Track Skip buttons
  • Large CUE/PLAY/CUP transport controls
  • Eject & USB Stop function
  • Pitch Offset LED for Pitch Shift (Sync & Micro Pitch)
  • Pitch Reset
  • Pitch Bend buttons
  • Back Navigation
  • Back to ROOT feature
  • Loop Adjust In/Out via Jog Wheel
  • Half/Double Loop access
  • Fast Slot in drive
  • Frame search
  • Anti Shock Memory
  • Sleep function
  • Shock absorbing feet
  • Fader-start play
  • Utility Settings: Playlist Sort, Jog Wheel sensitivity, Start/Brake Time, Pitch Bend Range Buttons, Run Time Speed, Stop Time (Display), Sleep Time, Display brightness, Shift modes, Advanced MIDI Settings, Firmware Versions, Factory R

Mapping Files





Reloop RMP-4

Hardware Explorer

Move your mouse over the buttons to see their function!
<h1>Shift Button</h1><p>By holding the Shift Button it is possible to call up a second function of a control element</p> <h1>Call Button</h1><p>By pressing the Call Button you can load internally saved hot cue points and loops by loading the corresponding track.</p> <h1>Jog Wheel</h1><p>Your CD player features an extra large Jog Wheel for a true vinyl-like operation. This is generally divided into two sections for scratch applications. The top section is touch sensitive and responds to the body's own electricity - similar to a vinyl record on the turntable. The outer rubberised ring has been designed for pitch bending - similar to the edge of a turntable's platter. If the Scratch function has been deactivated, the entire Jog Wheel also works as a Search and Pitch Bend wheel.</p> <h1>Display</h1><p>The Display indicates all important functions of the player</p> <h1>Performance Section</h1><ul><li><b>Hot Cue:</b> Marks a spot within the loaded track. You can jump back anytime and from any position to this spot and continue playback from there.</li><li><b>Hot Loop:</b> Saves the currently active loop on one of the eight available loop slots. You can call up the saved loop anytime and continue playback from there, by pressing the respective pad with the saved loop. A loop is set with the number of beats assigned to the respective pad: 1/32 (Pad1) 1/16 (Pad 2) 1/8 (Pad2) 1/4 (Pad3) 1/2 (Pad4) 1/1 (Pad5) 2/1 (Pad6) 4/1 (Pad7) 8/1 (Pad8). During loop roll playback the normal playback will be continued in the background (autmatically activated SLIP mode).</li><li><b>Sampler:</b> You can save up to eight samples in the internal memory. To play back a respective sample, press one of the eight sample pads.</li></ul> <h1>Beat Loop Buttons</h1><p>Press one of the Beat Loop Buttons to set an auto loop that is based on the set BPM. You can select 7 different bar lengths (1/8 – 8/1).</p> <h1>Loop Section</h1><ul><li><b>Loop In:</b> Activate the Loop In Button to set the start point of a loop (endless loop) and also to set a current Cue Point.</li><li><b>Loop Out:</b> Activate the Loop Out Button to set the end point of a loop (endless loop).</li><li><b>Reloop:</b> Press the Reloop Button for the player to return to the last loop that was played.</li></ul> <h1>Save Button</h1><p>The RMP-4 offers the possibility to save up to 8 hot cue points and 8 loops per track for playback. All hot cue points and loops are stored inside the RMP-4's memory.</p> <h1>Pitch Fader</h1><p>Use the Pitch Fader to infinitely change the pitch of the track within the selected range. The difference from the original pitch is shown on the display in percent. Adjustments in the +/-4 %, +/- 8%, +/-16% and +/-100% pitch ranges are effected in steps of 0,1%.</p> <h1>Pitch Offset LED</h1><p>If the Pitch Offset LED is illuminated, the current pitch value does not correspond to the current position. The current pitch value can change, especially when using the Sync Function.</p> <h1>Pitch Bend Buttons</h1><p>Use the Pitch Bend Buttons to briefly change the pitch of the respective track</p> <h1>Pitch Reset Button</h1><p>De-/Activate the Pitch Fader using the Pitch Reset Button.</p> <h1>Key Lock Button</h1><p>When activating the Key Lock function with the button the track's original tone pitch, regardless of the set pitch, is maintained.</p> <h1>Pitch Range Button</h1><p>Press the Pitch Range Button to select a pitch range of +/- 4%, +/-8%, +/-16% or +/-100%.</p> <h1>Scratch Button (Vinyl Mode)</h1><p>Select the scratch effect by pressing the Scratch Button. In playback mode you can now scratch, push back and forth and stop a track with the top section of the Jog Wheel just like a vinyl record. The Jog Wheel recognizes the touch of your fingers.</p> <h1>SLIP Button</h1><p>When slip mode is activated, the playback of a track continues in the backgound (only applicable for USB media source). If, for example, you press and hold a hot cue point playback jumps back to this point as long as you keep the button pressed. As soon as you let go off the button, playback will continue from the position currently playing in the background.</p> <h1>Sync Button</h1><p>Via smart link tempo and beat position can be automatically transmitted or retrieved to/from another RMP-4.</p> <h1>Eject</h1> <h1>Info Button</h1><p>By pressing repeatedly you can switch between the various ID3 Tags, such as album, artist, title or genre</p> <h1>Back Button</h1><p>By pressing you will go one step back in folder view</p> <h1>Play/Pause Button</h1><p>Press the Play/Pause Button to start playback. Press again to switch to Pause mode.</p><p>SHIFT: By pressing Shift and the Play/Pause Button, the currently playing track will be stopped with a brake time of 6 seconds.</p> <h1>Cue Button</h1><p>A cue point is a self-defined starting point, usually at the beginning of a bar. When activating the Cue Button the CD player interrupts playback of the track and returns to the last set cue point.</p> <h1>Select Wheel</h1><p>Use the Select Wheel to select tracks. By pressing it the currently selected track will be loaded</p> <h1>Search Wheel</h1><p>Turn the Search Wheel to advance the track clockwise and counterclockwise. The wheel features four different search speeds. The faster the wheel is turned in either direction, the faster you will advance</p> <h1>Track Select Button</h1><o>Press the button to jump to the beginning of the next track. By pressing the button the currently selected track will jump back to its beginning.</p> <h1>Time Button</h1><p>Use the Time Button to change between three time modes:</p><ol><li>Elapsed time of a track (no separate indication on display)</li><li>Remaining time of a track (display reads 'Remain')</li><li>Remaining time of entire CD (display reads 'Total Remain')</li></ol> <h1>Tap-Auto Button</h1><p>Press TAP Button repeatedly to the beat of the music to manually determine the track's tempo; the display shows the value in BPM</p> <h1>Utility Button</h1><p>By pressing this button you will enter the preset menu</p> <h1>Reverse Button</h1><p>Activate the Reverse function to play the track in reverse</p> <h1>Source Select</h1><p>With the Source Select Button you can switch between three media modes: USB, CD & MIDI</p> <h1>USB Media Host</h1><p>Here you can connect external USB media such as USB sticks or external USB hard drives. Supported formats are MP3, AAC, AIFF and WAVE</p>