Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition


With the Digital Jockey 2 Reloop gives Traktor DJs a controller that will make sound become truly tangible: A hardware control that facilitates such an immediate access to the world''s leading DJ software plus such a great handling of all functions that both components result in a perfect team up. With its noble panel made of brushed aluminium the Digital Jockey 2 lies so well in the hand as never before. Its control panel is clearly arranged and is geared to all important Traktor PRO functions. The red illumination is very striking, white captions indicate the way to the second MIDI level. Together with the black chassis the Digital Jockey 2 also forms an optical unit with Native Instruments Traktor which is already included as the latest LE version. DJs that have been working with CD players will feel at ease with the Reloop controller''s second generation just as quickly as DJs that have been controlling Traktor via computer. The new, high-quality pitch faders are very delicate and do not lock at 0%. The Digital Jockey 2''s MIDI mapping is enormous: With the glistening white shift buttons a true double assignment of all MIDI commands becomes possible. This way it is possible to control up to 4 virtual decks simultaneously with the Digital Jockey 2 and Traktor. Additionally the Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition comes with an outstanding 4 channel sound card with 16 bit/48 kHz that offers a super fast USB connection as well as external inputs and outputs. With the Digital Jockey''s Interface Edition 2 it is possible to directly monitor the virtual mixing channel thanks to the headphones input; this way the sound system can also be directly connected by cable to the Interface Edition. The touch-sensitive, two-part jog wheels are an Interface Edition exclusive that facilitate a vinyl-like feeling when cueing, scratching, browsing and effect modulating. The adjustable knobs on the device''s front side for the crossfader curve plus the microphone and headphones equalizers are further additional features of the Interface Edition.


  • Professional DJ USB/MIDI controller with integrated audio interface
  • Integrated 16 bit/48 kHz, 4 Kanal USB Audio Interface
  • Stereo RCA inputs with phono preamp and 1/4'' microphone jack with gain and tone control
  • Stereo RCA master outputs and 1/4'' headphones output with volume control and tone control
  • Microphone record gain at the device''s front side
  • Low latency ASIO/Core audio drivers
  • Optimized for the world''s leading mixing software Traktor PRO (clearly arranged shift double assignment, control of up to 4 decks)
  • High-resolution touch sensitive jog wheel with sensitivity adjustment
  • Includes direct control of Traktor''s main features such as loops, effects and cue points
  • All controllers in full size
  • Altogether 73 MIDI controllers (42 buttons, 5 faders, 9 encoders, 6 push encoders, 9 turning knobs, 2 touch-sensitive jog wheels)
  • All MIDI controllers are freely assignable
  • USB bus powerd (mains adapter optional)
  • Anti-theft device: Kensington safety slot
  • Compatible wth Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Clearly arranged mixer/CD player design for quick and easy access
  • Plug&Play Ready for Virtual DJ (from version 7.0.4 Pro)

Technical Data

Mixer section:
  • Classic 2 channel design
  • 1x PRO Longlife crossfader with adjustable crossfader curve
  • 2x volume controllers with PRO Longlife line faders
  • 2x 3 band equalizer with Push2Kill turning knobs
  • 2x gain turning knobs
Player section:
  • 2x touch-sensitive, two-part jog wheels for scratching, cueing, etc.
  • 4 different jog modes (Scratch, FX Dry/Wet, Search, Pitch Bend)
  • 2x high resolution 14 bit pitch faders without locking position
  • 4x assignable encoders and 4 x buttons for effect and sample control
  • Unicoloured, glistening red illumination
Master section:
  • Cue mix, volume and master controllers
  • Extra large Trax Encoder for quick and easy music library browsing (with load buttons)
Minimum system requirements PC:
  • Windows XP (SP3), Win7 (32 bit/64 bit)
  • at least Pentium III / Intel Core Duo, 1 GHz (NO AMD processors recommended!)
  • at least 512 MB RAM
Minimum system requirements Mac:
  • OS X 10.5/10.6
  • Intel Core Duo family (only Intel MACs)
  • at least 512 MB RAM
  • Dimensions: 370 x 38 x 295 mm
  • Weight: 2.65 kg
  • Incl. Traktor LE DJ software and USB cord
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