Mixtape Monday - Winner September 2019

Mixtape Monday - Winner September 2019


"Parham is not your ordinary DJ, as he is actually a psychologist with an MBA and has spent a lot of his career as director and consultant in various multinationals involved in pharmaceuticals. Only one day, he decided to drop the corporate life to be able to consecrate the rest of his working days to DJing and music consulting; something he has always done, sometimes on the side and sometimes as his main activity, since the early days of his youth in 1978. He was one of the founding members of WFIN radio station later in the eighties in Jacksonville, Florida during his college years; a radio that gained US Top 10 notoriety in the Collegiate Music Journal ranking while he was its' Music Director and Station Manager.

He has worked in many clubs in the US and Europe, playing music to a variety of different musical audiences, involving anything from Jazz to Classical to House to Disco, to the music stemming from various decades. His mixes have been broadcast on national radio, such as Couleur 3 in Switzerland, where he lives nowadays. Parham has also performed at the "FĂȘte de la musique" in Geneva in 2012, where his music attracted crowds from all the neighbouring stands! Some of his dance music mixes have achieved world class status on Mixcloud, attaining top 20 ranking on the global charts, reaching spots just below world renown DJs such as Carl Cox or Paul Van Dyk.

Parham uses a Reloop Beatpad 2 controller with an iPad mini for his mixes nowadays, a controller he prefers to all the other ones he has used from different brands so far."

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