• Hi-Speed
  • Stand Alone

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Technical Data

  • Input: 1x phono/line 3,5mm stereo jack
  • Output: 1x line 3.5 mm stereo jack (thru port)
  • USB port for sticks and external hard drives
  • Grounding: GND screw
  • Dimensions: 103 x 14 x 65mm
  • Weight: 59 g
  • Incl. RCA-to-stereo jack (3,5mm) recording cable with grounding, mains adapter and 3 design sticker sets available for retro look
  • Incl. universal adapter


  • USB mixtape recorder with retro tape look
  • Direct recording of mix sets on USB sticks or external USB hard drives
  • Connection of line and phono sources (e.g. mixer or turntable)
  • Easy operation without complicated settings for secure recordings, even in dark surroundings such as clubs
  • Can also be used for converting analogue vinyl into digital format, with a dedicated turntable grounding post
  • Direct recording as MP3 files on a USB storage device; no computer necessary
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack input (including appropriate RCA-to-stereo jack cable and turntable grounding)
  • Hi-speed USB port (for USB stick or external USB hard drive)
  • Switchable recording quality (192kbit/320kbit)
  • Numerous status LEDs (power, USB, record, signal/peak)
  • 3.5 mm thru connection for signal routing; convenient when the mixer does not have a rec out function
  • Various design sticker sets included
  • Mains connection (mains universal adapter included)
TAPE ist nicht nur ein nettes Aufnahmewerkzeug, sondern bringt durch seine Optik und einfache Bedienung eine ordentliche Portion Spaß mit. Die Aufnahmequalität überzeugt und bei einem Straßenpreis von ca. 99 EUR muss man dafür auch nicht zu tief in die Taschen greifen.
8.3 // 10
"It’s cute, it’s chunky, it looks like a cassette tape. It’s the Reloop Tape, a funky little answer to that DJ problem: How do I record my sets?”
Mit Tape bietet die Company Reloop einen stylischen MP3-Recorder im Kompaktkassetten-Format an, der mit einer Menge Zubehör im Gepäck für faire 99 Euro (UVP) über den Ladentisch geht.



Product FAQ

  • Is there a storage size limit?
    Basically, there is no storage size limit - but we advise to use sticks with max. 32 GB, as they have been tested successfully from us.
  • If there is a storage size limit, does that limit apply to external HDs as well?
    This does not apply to external HDs - only make sure that the HDs are formatted in FAT.
  • Can external HDs be powered from the USB connection, or will they require their own power supplies?
    The external HDs require their own power supplies.
  • Is there a maximum file size that can be handled by the Tape?
    Generally not - but this is depending on the formatting. For FAT 32, the maximum size of a SINGLE file can be approx. 4 GB.
  • What formatting method do you recommend for USB keys/HDs?
    The drive should be formatted in FAT32 / FAT16 / FAT12. FAT32 is the most common and can be read / written from OS X and Win.
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Hardware Explorer

Move your mouse over the buttons to see their function!
<h1>Signal/Peak Status LED:</h1>This LED is illuminated green when a signal is being received and illuminated red when the received signal disposes of too much input power (the signal clips).</p> <h1>REC Status LED:</h1><p>This LED blinks when the device is recording.</p> <h1>USB Status LED:</h1><p>This LED is illuminated when a USB device has been connected correctly and is being recognized.</p> <h1>Power Status LED:</h1><p>This LED is illuminated when the device is connected to a power supply.</p> <h1>REC/Stop Button:</h1><p>Press this button to start/stop a recording.<p> <h1>INPUT:</h1><p>Here you can connect the 3.5 mm plug of the included recording cable.</p> <h1>THRU:</h1><p>If you wish to further process the signal, i.e. send it to a monitor, you can tap it here after recording.</p> <h1>USB Port:</h1><p>Here you can connect a USB stick.</p> <h1>DC IN:</h1><p>Connection for the included cable.</p> <h1>192/320:</h1><p>Here you can select the recording‘s sound quality.</p> <h1>PHN/LINE Input Select Switch:</h1><p>Here you can select the signal source. When using a non-amplified phono signal, select PHN. When using a line signal (i.e. Record Out), select LINE.</p> <h1>GND:</h1><p>Here you can connect the grounding of turntables.</p>

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