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Mit diesem Gerät bekommt jeder Vinyl-DJ ein Top-Gerät ins Haus (Frank Sonic)
Alle verbauten Materialien inklusive Tonarm, Buttons und Reglern fühlen sich wirklich hochwertig und robust an.
These are best-looking turntables in the market right now. The MIDI control is a great design adition to current turntables [...] the Reloop RP-8000 turntable is a great improvement and will surely carve its own place among the dopest turntables.
"The RP-8000 is the post-controller revolution deck that people have been waiting for. [...] the Reloop RP-8000 is currently the most interesting and capable turntable on the market."
"[...] the new Reloop RP-8000 may turn out to be what many DVS users have been waiting for [...] this Midi/analogue hybrid unit looks faithful enough to the classic Technics design to instantly feel “right”[...]"
REVIEW: Solid, reliable turntable at its core, with the unique addition of well thought-out MIDI controls on the deck. If you want a reliable turntable for advanced DVS use, the RP-8000 is a great buy.
PREVIEW: This release is one of the bolder advances in turntable tech we’ve seen in a number of years.
"Reloop has just announced two brand new turntables[...] that is sure to get vinyl and DVS users very excited."
Alles in Allem ein gelungener Plattenspieler, an dem Mix- und Scratch-DJs gleichermaßen Spaß haben werden.
Mit dem RP8000 läuft bei Reloop alles rund: sei es die Verarbeitung, der Klang oder die Ausstattung.
Overall, they're built well, and we are confident they are the best built turntable currently on the market.
Reloop’s RP-8000 is probably the most powerful turntable currently on the market. After playing with it for a few hours, we fell in love with the streamlined design and ease of use when triggering cues, loops, and samples.
This is the turntable I would purchase in a second.
Can't get excited for Technics turntables anymore after owning the Reloop RP-8000's. The motor is so much stronger that it makes me not like using 1200s at all anymore. Plus the +/-50 digital pitch read out is a necessity for me now. All you guys getting hyped up about outdated technology when you could be headed into the future.

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Firmware Updates

  • Firmware v0.13 (141.75 KB)
    (Windows & OS X) only for Reloop RP-8000 (S-Tonearm version) compatible