RHP-5 Series

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Technical Data

  • Frequency range: 10 Hz - 22 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Acoustic pressure: 96 dB/1 mW (at 1 kHz)
  • THD: <0.5% (at 1 kHz)
  • Rated input power: 20 mW
  • Directivity: omni-directional
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 2200 ohm
  • Sensitivity: -65 dB ±3 dB (at 1 kHz)
  • S/N ratio: -58 dB
  • Connections: 3.5 mm jack, 6.3 mm jack adapter
  • Cord: 1.1 m (plain cord incl. smartphone control unit)
  • Weight: 136 g (without cord)
  • Ear cup diameter: 70 mm
  • Incl. gold-plated 6.3 mm jack adapter


  • Compact DJ headphones with deep, powerful sound
  • Closed construction
  • With fluorescent glow-in-the-dark effect
  • Rotating ear cups and a collapsible design for easy storage
  • Classy rubber finish and Climabsorb net nylon headband
  • Aluminium inlays on ear cups
  • Flat-comfort construction: compact and light ear cup housing (diameter of only 70 mm) for comfortable wearing for hours
  • Powerful, deep, finely resolvent sound for perfect listening pleasure
  • High-quality headband with sturdy aluminium bar
  • Double headband casing: water-repellent, artificial leather (upper) and sweat-absorbing Climabsorb net nylon (lower side)
  • One-sided cord routing with integrated remote control
  • Phone control incl. smartphone answer, mic and track control for mobile phones with 1/8'' mm jack, for example iPhone & other current smart phones that use the standard 3.5mm plug configuration
  • Standard 3.5mm plug configuration phones are compatible as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Palm or current Samsung models
  • OMTP 3.5mm plug configuration phones are not compatible as Nokia, Sony or older Samsung models
  • All connections gold-plated, includes 1/4'' adapter
  • Available in 10 colours: Black, White, Cherry Black, Ceramic Mint, Purple Milk, Flash Black, Gold Rush, Solid Chrome, Chocolate Crown, Leafgreen
  • iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. BlackBerry® is a trademark of Research in Motion Limited.
Der Reloop RHP-5 kann gemessen an seinem vergleichsweise günstigen Preis von 49 € bzw. 59 € mit einem guten Klang und einer leichten Bauweise überzeugen. Die Smartphone-kompatible Fernbedienung rundet das Konzept des mobilen Begleiters ab und macht ihn damit zu einem modernen Modekopfhörer, der auch dem Einsatz am heimischen DJ-Pult standhält.
All-in-all, the Reloop RHP-5 Portable DJ headphones are great for DJ’s who don’t want to switch between a different set of headphones for DJ-ing and for MP3/smartphone playback as they work perfect as the double-duty set for all needs. The RHP-5’s are also great for cell phone users who want a lightweight set of headphones with one-touch voice dialing and slider volume controls.



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