Premium MIXON4 case

Available: November 2016
  • black

  • laptop tray with fasteners

  • two spring-loaded and recessed carrying handles

''Better safe than sorry!''

Based on this motto, Reloop designed the unique Premium case series. To ensure the safe transport of your beloved equipment, you have to choose a secure and reliable case without any compromise. Additional features like butterfly with lock function, angular blind cuts, a laptop tray with fasteners and the very handy, spring-loaded and recessed carrying handle make the Premium series your first choice on the professional cases market. Rock-solid functional cases, manufactured from wood and aluminium, crafted to last and work are ready to serve you.*

Always in transit - Reloop Premium Series

*Features vary, please check the technical details and features of each case

Technical Data

  • 465 x 655 x 80 mm (L x W x H), internal dimension
  • butterfly with lock function
  • angular blind cuts
  • laptop tray with fasteners for laptop transport
  • two spring-loaded and recessed carrying handles
  • wood and aluminium construction
  • space for cables even during transport
  • black


  • Very robust due to a hand-crafted wood and aluminium construction
  • Additional features like laptop tray with fasteners and a recessed, spring-loaded carrying handle
  • Soft foam fixes the device while protecting against scratches
  • High durability due to a protecting PVC surface
  • Customized to completely match your device but leave space for cables
  • Butterfly lock theft protection
  • Modern angular front and rear blind cuts to avoid tilting