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With its slew of cool features, the depth and control possibilities of the NEON are almost overwhelming. It definitely keeps my hands off the laptop more, and makes my DJ sets so much more fun.
This is the best accessory controller for Serato we have seen to date.
Neon is one of the best solutions to effects management in the new version of Serato.
It condenses all of Serato DJs performance pad features into a single book sized unit [...] and especially for DVS users I am going to recommend buying a pair [...]
Ich finde Reloop bietet mit dem Neon einen sehr praktischen Kreativ-Spezialisten für Serato DJ an. Der Controller bewältig seine Steuerungsaufgaben sehr gut und eignet sich als Ergänzung für Controller-User, aber auch für Anwender von DVS-Systemen.
The NEON also has the best control of the SP-6 Sampler in Serato DJ by allowing users to visually check the LED indicators to view and change the play-style of the sample right on board the device.

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