Jockey Case II


This professional case has been especially adapted to the Reloop Digital Jockey. The very robust construction allows a safe transport in all situations. The removable lid on the front side facilitates easy access to all control elements and beneath the controller there is enough space to accomodate a laptop computer. The ample padding protects the Digital Jockey so that long and stressful transports are no problem. Reloop Jockey Case: Robust quality made by Reloop.


  • Professional case especially adapted to the Reloop Digital Jockey series
  • Robust construction made of aluminium coated wood
  • Lockable Low-Profile Butterfly locks
  • Foam padding
  • Removable lid for direct controller access
  • Foldaway carrying handle
  • Rotund protective corners
  • Removable cover

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 480 x 185 x 390 mm
  • Inner dimensions: width 430 mm, depth 310 mm
  • Laptop compartment: width 305 mm, depth 355 mm
  • Also suitable for (among others): Vestax Typhoon, Hercules DJ Console 4 Set, Behringer BCD 3000, Vesatx VCI-380, Vestax VCI-100 MK2, Vestax VCI-300 MK2, Denon MC 3000, Reloop Digital Jockey, Reloop Digital Jockey 2, Reloop Mixage
  • Weight: 3.7 kg