From Scratch


Our heart beats for analog equipment and you can still feel this devotion in our current product range. It‘s created for DJ purists, turntablists, vinyl-junkies, record collectors, and old school heroes. It’s created for you. This is why a vast part of our main assortment consists of sturdy mixers and turntable weapons ready for the battle.

Pure Love For The Vinyl Culture

Pure Love
For the
Vinyl Culture

Precision engineered for pristine audio quality, built to last and crafted with cutting-edge technology. The RP-8000, which recently won the DJ Tech Award, is clearly the most advanced and innovative DJ turntable on the market.

Digital Revolution


Our next-gen DJ controllers and DVS tools are designed to work natively across most platforms and support all major software solutions for maximum connectivity and flexibility. Whether you are a novice or a pro using Mac, PC, Android or iOS – we’ve got you covered.

Mixing The Future

Mixing The

As much we love a classic DJ setup, we also embrace the smart and forward-thinking digital world opening new horizons for performers. At Reloop, we use this technology to pave the way for new mixing dimensions, fusing DJing and live music manipulation.