Reloop Tape Previews

Reloop Tape Previews

Reloop Tape Previews

Reloop's latest (and smallest) offspring did not cause nostalgic memories with the trade visitors at the BPM Show only. Let's be honest, who has not recorded a tape with favorite songs for their loved ones? The press could also not elude the retro charm of Reloop Tape. The previews were correspondingly enthusiastic.



Reloop Tape @ Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips:

"It's cute, it’s chunky, it looks like a cassette tape. It’s the Reloop Tape, a funky little answer to that DJ problem: “How do I record my sets?"

Reloop Tape @ DJ TechTools

DJ TechTools:

"First impressions are this little guy might be a great addition to a lot of DJ’s bags, especially if you’re in the habit of recording every single mix."

Reloop Tape @ DJ Worx

DJ Worx:

"Everyone who saw it and touched it really liked the form factor. "