Reloop founder Robert Lauterwein appoints Gerald Barbyer & Thomas Heselhaus as new CEOs

Reloop founder Robert Lauterwein appoints Gerald Barbyer & Thomas Heselhaus as new CEOs

Robert Lauterwein, who founded the German based DJ brand RELOOP in 1996, today announced the appointment of Gerald Barbyer and Thomas Heselhaus as new CEOs of the company.

„When looking back on more than 20 years of experience in the DJ and pro-audio industry, I am proud that Reloop evolved into a leading brand for DJ gear and is established in more than 90 countries worldwide“, Robert Lauterwein said.

„With this achievement in mind and an amazing product roadmap ahead, I feel that the time is great to hand over the reins to a new executive board to pursue the ongoing advancement and generate fresh momentum. That’s why I am happy that Gerald Barbyer & Thomas Heselhaus are enthusiastic to step up and have accepted their new roles as Managing Directors, with immediate effect.“

Robert further expressed: „With exceptional commitment, both Gerald and Thomas have been part of the team since 1999 and progressed playing key roles throughout the company. This wealth of experience and industry knowledge make them both ideal successors for continuing driving the growth, sustaining our rewarding partnerships and creating the future of Reloop. Nevertheless, I am pleased to stay on board as strategic consultant and will remain a silent stakeholder of the company”.

As creative mind and Head of Product Development & Research, Gerald Barbyer has significantly contributed to Reloop’s product innovation and the creation of forward thinking DJ hardware, which enhanced the global brand recognition and strengthened Reloop’s market position:

“I am extremely thrilled to be given this new role and look forward to leading the company and creating together with our fantastic team and partners awesome gear and shaping the future of DJing for our customers - this is our claim and the most important driving force for growth and sustained business success“, Gerald Barbyer said.

In addition, Gerald Barbyer will also take over the Global Brand Marketing from Ute Lauterwein.

By leading the Purchasing, B2C, Web & IT departments, Thomas Heselhaus has been a remarkable backbone to the company and always focused on the ability to accelerate our growth and performance. His continuous will to lift products and services to the next level keeps Reloop at the cutting edge:

„I am deeply thankful and feel elated to be engaged in pushing our growth strategy together with our excellent team and continuing to make our mark with exciting solutions for DJs across the globe”, comments Thomas Heselhaus.


Together with a young group of music technology experts, Reloop was founded in 1996 and today offers a full range of innovative DJ and Studio products such as Controllers, Turntables, Mixers and more which are passionately developed by DJs for DJs and give artists the possibility to express theirselves in music.