Musikmesse 2012 Review

Musikmesse 2012 Review

Besides the new DJ and studio monitor station Wave 5 and Wave 8, this year's product highlights were the Terminal Mix and Beatmix controllers. From day one distributors and DJs alike were amazed from our brand-new Serato and Virtual DJ controllers. While Beatmix especially appealed to controller newbies due to its intuitive handling, the Terminal Mix series was praised by advanced DJs as especially the vinyl-like jog wheels with a very responsive touch and the sturdy built were able to impress.

Already almost a classic: Even a year after its release, the interest in the Jockey 3 ME has not folded; on Saturday Nils Liebich was able to score with his Jockey 3 tutorials, impressing the curious visitors.

DJ Angelo, DJ Flip, DJane Nic and Nils Liebich were responsible for the good vibrations and beats at our booth. With their highly talented showcases they were all able to impress the visitors time and time again.

On Thursday evening we were traditionally equipped with mixed beats, fresh sushi and cold beer. As every year, we threw our traders & friends booth party to have a good time with refreshing drinks and great sounds provided by our DJane Nic.

As grand finale on Saturday, the DJ Tools Award turned out to be more than positive; with the Joxkey 3 ME we were awarded as 'Best DJ Controller' in the category “Professional DJ Controller”.

We already look forward to the Musikmesse 2013 and we would like to thank all involved persons for their awesome support!

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