Keypad & Keyfadr: New Features

Keypad & Keyfadr: New Features

New MIDI Editor

Thanks to the Reloop Keypad & Keyfadr MIDI Editor, the controllers can now quickly and easily be customized to your individual needs - whether in the studio or at live gigs. The MIDI Editor covers all control elements of the Keypad & the Keyfadr and further offers various MIDI trigger commands, turning your controller into your individual control center.

New Software Support

The Reloop Keypad & the Keyfadr now also support Fruity Loops, Bitwig Studio and Reason. Please check the software website for more information on support and install the latest updates. Setup Guides can be downloaded on the product site within the download tab.

New Features

  • Free and extensive MIDI Editor for individual configurations available in the download section
  • New support for Fruity Loops, Bitwig Studio and Reason
→ Download now! (Keypad)
→ Download now! (Keyfadr)