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Usually we call attention to products in our website's news area as soon as they are delivered to specialized trade. Precise delivery dates are available on many of our dealers' websites.

We fit all our dealers with promotional material. Please ask your dealer whether he has got a broshure or promo goodies such as Reloop stickers and key holders for you. Usually promotional material should be available at your dealer's shop. If this is not the case please ask him to get in touch with us.

We can only send promotional material to dealers. Unfortunately a direct shipment to end customers is not possible.

Questions regarding defective devices

Spare parts can be ordered via all authorized Reloop dealers. An overview of all Reloop dealers can be found here.

For your own safety all circuit diagrams are reserved for exclusive service partners. We recommend not to open our devices by yourself for error diagnostics. Improper attempts to repair may lead to malfunctions.

We recommend not to open our devices by yourself for error diagnostics. Improper attempts to repair may lead to malfunctions. When experiencing defects please refer to the dealer who sold you the device.

Should not all parts be included in the delivery of your Reloop product as described on the gift box please get in touch with the dealer who sold you the product.

Please get in touch with your dealer for questions concerning the current status of your repairing procedure.

Please refer to the dealer who sold you the device. Warranty claims and an optionally issued guarantee have to be asserted at your dealer. There you will obtain further information regarding repairs processing.

Should your dealer no longer exist please get in touch with our service department.

Questions regarding product support

You can find a list of discontinued products here. There you can find a better part of instruction manuals regarding discontinued products. If your product is not listed, please refer to the Reloop support forum or get in touch with us via the contact form.

Which devices fit into which cases is listed in the product description. For our controller cases we have added the inner dimensions in the product description.

Regarding this matter please refer to the Reloop support forum.

All Reloop instruction manuals contain a drawing and a description for the proper installation of your product. Should this not be of help please refer to the Reloop support forum.

For all questions concerning product support please refer to the Reloop support forum.

Product FAQ

  • Neon
  • Terminal Mix 8
  • BeatMix LTD.
  • Terminal Mix 2 Case
  • BeatMix
  • Terminal Mix 2
  • Terminal Mix 4

Yes, your hardware is class compliant with OSX 10.10 Yosemite and does not require any special drivers or firmware update. But please check your software website for official support info and release updates.

DJAY supports over 7000 devices for Android - needless to say the performance of audio and MIDI can vary a lot with such a vast number of hardware which do not follow one standard as for example Apple devices do.

In our experience all Nexus devices with a minimum of Android 5.0 had the best performance results. Some features as Keylock and Time-Stretching require devices with quad-core processors.

Also, its known that there are issues especially with Sony Android devices (distortion). Its some sort of hardware incompatibility, as each hardware manufacturer handles audio protocols differently.

That's why we cannot guarantee all Android hardware to be compatible. We do recommend Nexus devices which work reliable on Android platform with djay.

The current MFi chips from Apple do not support older 30-Pin iOS devices any more.
All Lightning (8-Pin) generation iPhone / iPod / iPad devices are supported.

1) Install the PCDJ LE version from the included CD or download it here:

2) Install and open the software. (Follow on screen instructions.)

3) Make sure you have the iPhono device plugged in when opening and registering the software, it needs to detect the sound device in order to run. Set the iPhono soundcard device (USB Audio Codec) as standard playback device in your OS.

4) To activate & unlock the PCDJ software: Enter your name, eMail and use the authorization key: N59A369C7LL7

5) Press "Get Code" and wait for the Activation eMail with the Unlock Code.

6) Enter the Unlock Code and start using PCDJ!

So far, we can confirm the compatibility of following Android devices:
- SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 (Android 4.4.2)
- LG Nexus 5 (Android 4.4.4)
- ASUS Google Nexus 7 (2013): (Android 5.0/5.0.1)
- HTC Nexus 9: (Android 5.0/5.0.1)
Regular dynamic microphones with an impedance of > 400 ohms are recommended.

Yes, after purchase the optionally availabe FLIP feature can be used directly with NEON. The expansion pack is available under:

Reloop NEON runs completely plug-and-play with Serato DJ 1.7.1 or higher.

Yes, they are, and it works so well that even experienced trigger artists will have lots of fun.

Generally, you can control all four decks with only one NEON controller, but of course it is also possible to use a dedicated NEON per deck. Consequently a connection of up to 4 devices is possible, whereby 2 controllers can be connected directly via smart link.

Reloop NEON is a USB MIDI controller, so it is compatible with any current DJ and studio software that supports MIDI editing within the software. The full range of functions can be maxed out with Serato DJ for which an elaborate plug-and-play mapping was developed in close cooperation with Serato.

It must be installed at least Android 4.1 on the tablet. Further the tablet must support USB host mode.

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