DJ Schools supported by Reloop

DJ Akademie

The DJ Akademie is a school for DJs where you can meet already renowned artists who would like to further educate themselves or to learn new modern techniques.
Everybody gets the chance of becoming a DJ, it doesn't matter whether you are young or old, female or male! In our DJ classes you will be taught everything from technical know-how to spinning records. You will be thoroughly prepared for your future gigs and during this time you will be supervised, so that nothing can go wrong. The classes are tailored individually to the strengths and weaknesses and also to the scholar's needs. Becoming a DJ is an exciting challenge offering the possibility to evolve on an artisitc level. It doesn't matter whether you prefer turntables or DJ CD players. The music comes from a laptop in MP3 format. Moreover, we use the popular DJ software Serato incl. an audio interface. In our DJ classes experts will teach you everything you need to become a professional DJ. You decide how in-depth the courses will be.
We offer something for everybody, from one-time classes of 45 minutes to concept DJ classes that run 18 months with 10 units each!

Audio Musica
DJ School

Audiomusica School was founded in 1999 with the idea of providing music education to people so that they have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills through the interpretation of the instruments.

Our methodology is based on recognizing and valuing the potential of students, identifying talents in each one of them to facilitate their development. In this way, we seek to know and respect the rhythms and learning styles of each student.

Our mission is to spread knowledge and passion for music people in each student developing their full potential and creativity and, thus, create more and better ways of disseminating this art.


At Rumkraft in Copenhagen, turntablism meets controllerism in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Your dedicated teacher will help you master the turntables and MIDI-controllers from Reloop, so that anyone can learn to scratch, mix and push buttons.

If you have an interest in music, DJing or electronic music production, don't forget to add Rumkraft on your bucket list when visiting Copenhagen.

DJ Academy

For more than 10 years the Spin DJ Academy has been offering newcomers and advanced DJs the possibility to systematically learn everything important that is related to DJing and producing. Our team, which consists of DJs and producers, has always the right tips for music lovers of all genres.
The classes can take place according to the scholars' wishes as private lessons or group lessons with up to 3 students. The group classes are appropriate for participants who are on a similar level with same interests. During private lessons the teacher is able to better accomodate the students' wishes and work on the individual objectives.
We are glad to adapt the course contents to the participants' interests. The lessons' focus depends on whether the students want to spin records in clubs, participate at battles or become a member of a band. Moreover, the Spin DJ Academy also offers the opportunity to learn how to produce tracks. The producing lessons aim at learning the corresponding software, composing tracks and getting professional results.

DJ Academy

The leading company in Venezuela in the formation of unconventional talent, DJs and DJs producers. School with individual workstations for a better practical training of DJs and music producers and the only one backed by the international brand of DJ equipment Reloop.