Reloop Team 2016




This is the heart of our company. Creativity meets years of experience in designing new products and exploring new concepts. Extensive industry knowledge, passion for DJ technology, and the persistent desire to create cutting-edge ideas that push boundaries is what drives our Product Development Team. Our products are exclusively developed and designed in Germany and then assembled by selected Asian production partners. The R&D is closely connected to the DJ scene and many well-known artists continue to provide valuable input for our innovations - underlining our company philosophy “by DJs, for DJs”.

Reloop Development

Our CEO Gerald Barbyer and product manager Christian Holtkamp developing new products.


Layout Geniuses

These talented individuals regularly point the lens towards gifted artists. They produce high quality photographic and video content to shed the right light on our innovations. New ideas and possibilities are frequently considered in order to reach new heights in the demanding world of DJing with regular DJ showcases, product presentations, and other interesting marketing material.

Reloop Graphics

Photoshop wizards Daniel Schleusner and Chris Brandt designing new ads.


Technical Support

No matter if it is via mail, our social media channels, or through our extensive support forums, these motivated employees will do everything to find the right solution to your queries. Reloop attaches great importance on the daily interaction with our customers and we appreciate any kind of feedback or input.

Reloop Support

Product Specialist Matthias Heydeck testing new beta-updates.


Sales Masters

These motivated individuals are the eyes and ears of the company. They will help you with your needs and answer all your questions. Furthermore, they will make sure that the latest products and innovations will find their way to different markets around the globe.

Reloop Sales

Lars Jacobs with his sales team analyzes sales trends.


Marketing Experts

Here is where the creative thinking happens when it comes to reaching out for the right customers. To ensure that the hungry world of DJs is constantly updated with news from Reloop HQ, this team collects valuable marketing data to be presented to the public. In close cooperation with the product development department, our marketing specialists find the best methods to support new product launches with spectacular marketing campaigns.

Reloop Marketing

Marketing expert Nicole Jahn and the Social Media / SEO team planning new promotion campaigns.


Logistic Staff

Our Logistic staff and their skilled hands ensure that our products enter and leave the warehouse in a timely manner. They are experts in navigating through our vast range of DJ and studio products.

Reloop Logistics

Our warehouse manager Oliver Heckmanns and his team organize over 1000 transactions a day.


Workshop Gurus

These guys have the German Quality Awareness flowing through their veins. Precision in workmanship is what makes our service so successful. In close cooperation with the product development team, our Service Team makes Reloop products better every single day.

Reloop Service

Service engineers Martin Stürz and Andreas Dick inspecting incoming shipments to assure the quality.


Production Plants

Our production lines are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery, operated by experienced and skilled manufacturing staff. This is how our developed projects are precision-crafted and carefully assembled for you. Long-term business relationships, fluent close communication, and regular inspection and engineering trips to our partners are the key to our reliable production facilities.

Reloop Production

Select factories assemble products that are designed and developed by Reloop with the highest precision and solid quality control.